viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Does luck really exist?
When someone overcomes a serious illness, we tend to say they were lucky. When someone finds a job in the middle of an economic crisis, we say they have been lucky too. We also refer to luck when somebody attains a good social reputation. When misfortune hits hard, however, we blame fate –maybe because it makes us feel slightly better. We talk of luck when events meet our expectations but we blame bad luck or fate when it is the opposite. In this way we limit our lives. My life is much more than the negative or positive events that have taken place along the years. Grasp the tiller of your life and sail your boat in the direction you want it to go. We have been given the wonderful gift of being able to change our values, beliefs and habits. Our life is the result of our actions, and those we can certainly choose. As human beings we have the choice to impact on the development of our own life. Do not let luck lead your destiny. Attitude, will and focus are required. Avoid using the word luck as an excuse –whether the circumstances are positive or negative. Remember that making your dreams come true depends mainly on you.