miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014


At this time of the year humans approach nature to pick the fruit that is ripe and ready to be consumed.

Just like in nature, maturing also takes place in humans with the passage of time. Like with fruits, trees and house plants... humans aren't impervious to their surrounding environment, which influences their maturation process.

Maturation is a process that takes place as time passes by. But maturation does not consist in simply becoming older, growing taller or watching time's effect on us. Neither is it assuming one knows it all, that you’ve seen or done it all, becoming cynical and disappointed because life has nothing else to offer or there's nothing else to discover.

A person does not reach his/her highest point of maturity by listening to statements such as "you'll open your eyes when you mature", "life and its blows will teach you", "don't be so naïve".

Real maturation comes from widening one's horizons regarding values and principles. That will bring out the best in us, improve our relationships, make us transparent in everybody else's eyes. All the love and tenderness in us will then shine, from inside out, and we will be the first ones to profit from it.

We must bear in mind that growing by our own means can be a difficult task. It is therefore wise to find support in our environment so that the latter provides us with all we need to reach our highest level of maturity.

Maturity in a person should entail physical, intellectual and emotional aspects. We should work with the aim of improving our health as well as our emotional intelligence and capacity to love. In order to make good decisions and take on responsibility we need to expand our social and moral dimensions.

Perfect maturation in human beings should encompass both the mind and the body. Only in this way can we build a wholly developed and proportionate self.

The maturing process that initiates at birth and that life itself pushes in us never ends. Do not ever stop walking along the life path that has been given to you. Your maturation process will have no limits then. 

jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014


 At some point in our lives we might ask ourselves this question, do we need to see in order to believe or rather believe in order to see?
If sowing comes before harvesting, we could then presume that believing precedes seeing. Human beings need something to believe in, something that encourages them to move forward. Faith in such things becomes the 
energy needed to keep going. Faith can inspire, help, and instill strength and courage when things fall apart, when there's nothing else to hold onto.
Faith, or hope -whatever you want to call it- will become a guiding light, a strong rope that keeps the person from entering in darkness. 
Bear in that faith equals hope and hope equals faith. It has nothing to do with religion or rules, but rather with 
values such as love, enthusiasm, kindness, compassion and freedom. 
Faith is love, love for ourselves. Faith can be used to strengthen the self-image that has grown inside us in 
childhood as a result of family influence, the environment and the input we receive all throughout our lives. These factors shape those beliefs that will either help us grow or, on the contrary, hinder our development as human beings. 
Remember thus that faith and the ideas you have about yourself will become the fertile soil from which you build your own emotional stability. 
Have faith in yourself, and then let it flow, share it with whomever your wish. Love, share, give, take, lay all your energy on whatever you decide it is worth it to believe in. 
Feel free to decide on your faith, to decide who you really want to be. "